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Web Browser Market Share: Sometimes it doesn't pay to Win

Gruber put up a curious little post yesterday, Web browser market share numbers. The link is to one of many reports that show that Mobile Safari is where the mobile action is, but Gruber’s comment was that it’s “...still the biggest mystery” why web market share doesn’t reflect Android’s dominant market share lead. Perhaps he’s just being ironic. He’s got a wry sense of humor and maybe I’m just not getting the joke. One thing is certain: This isn’t a mystery at all!! It’s just that the story takes years to play itself out. It may look like a mystery to the ADD type, but not for someone who has been following the action like Gruber has.

Sometimes a one-sentence DF comment like this isn’t enough to make the point. Too much of the story is omitted. I think it is worth it to watch the slow-motion replay.

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